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Travel and tourism has always attracted mankind the most , it’s a kind of social activity that creates memories among peoples. Every one tries at least once in a life to explore the country or countries. The Internet has fueled the growth of the travel industry by providing on line booking facilities.
Since, we are in a world ,where tourism is taking a different shape. Economically ,it is contributing for huge revenues for travel industries, which in last effects the world economy very significantly.

Tourism brings in large amounts of income into a local economy in the form of payment for goods and services needed by tourists, accounting for 30% of the world's trade of services, and 6% of overall exports of goods and services. It also creates opportunities for employment in the service sector of the economy associated with tourism.

Travel Industry requires specialized skilled persons who are daring and can support the industry with their proper knowledge of the system. The biggest challenge in the travel industry is to find an adequate knowledgeable manpower.Travel industry consist of workforce which are mostly white collared employees. They get jobs in Airline reservation system, Airline Ground staff, Travel and tour Operators, Travel Consultants, Ticketing and Sales.

The most recent advancement in innovation and the presentation of travel and tourism course in India has satisfied the craving of billions of individuals to investigate the world. This has brought about a blasting interest of tours and travel experts in various service areas. India itself is one of the favored goals of numerous individuals for it having a legacy of one of the most established developments and for its quality and social assorted variety. The long haul vocation openings in the travel and tourism industry have dependably been solid through the transient standpoint is sufficiently solid to guarantee a protected profession. A profession in travel and tourism should be decided on its differing work profiles in different divisions including travel offices, Airlines, and numerous other administrative associations managing tourism. 

The present progression in colleges and universities has prompted numerous courses in this field, for example, a Bachelors Degree course airlines, Tourism and Hospital Management, Bachelor of Tourism Service, BTM(Hons), PGD in Tourism and Travel, and numerous other quality courses. Profession competitors who want to seek after a vocation in Tourism can have the choices from open and also the private area. General society area can offer you employment at different levels in state tourism board or the focal tourism division. There are a couple of different courses too that can empower you to gain a lucrative activity in the tours and travel industry. 

These are recorded underneath: 

Bachelor of Tourism Studies 

PG Diploma Course in Tourism Studies 

PG Program in Travel and Tourism 

M.A. in Tourism Management 

Master of Tourism Management 

The qualification criteria for taking confirmation in bachelor’s course are to clear your higher optional education while PG course expects you to convey a graduation degree and the greatest time of not over 28 years. The length of the course relies upon the level of course, for example, a half year, I year and 3 years. Determination process finishes through a passage test held by the institute itself. Keeping in mind the end goal to clear these selection tests, the applicant is encouraged to look over his/her insight with reference to history, culture, geology, and spots of tourist fascination in India. Some institutes likewise give you the alternative of Distance Learning courses in Tourism and Travel management at degree levels, endorsement level, PG Diploma level, and PG degree level, and so forth.

  Arrangement Support

 We give result situated position bolster in this manner out stands us and our cheerful students to accomplishing higher objectives.

 Preparing and Development

 Our group is routinely refreshed with the most recent innovation and the present usefulness of the Airline, Travel and Tourism industry. In this way we are glad to state, we furnish the refreshed preparing with the present improvements alongside propel level preparing with current systems.


 We hold a notoriety of preparing students by the accomplished personnel who has 15+ long stretches of industry encounter absolutely in travel area. They worked in managerial positions taking care of various verticals, for example, Operation, Training and Development, Quality and so on.

 Useful Training

 Useful learning assumes a critical part in the travel industry. In this way, with our devoted PC lab, students are knowledgeable with pragmatic information in GDS and other vocation related programming.

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